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Robert Doisneau – Famous Reportage Photographer

Written on Nov 30, 2007 by Sandro Dzneladze
Robert Doisneau – Famous Reportage Photographer

Robert Doisneau is one of France’s most well-known and easily recognizable photographers. He is known for his playful sense of style. Rarely are his photographs serious or taken with a heavy heart. Rather, his work is fairly light-hearted, taking pictures of everyday people, often children, throughout France.

Most people would view Robert Doisneau as though he has a true passion for photography. Often times he is out taking pictures of generic things. He wants to capture the world in action. He can often times be seen roaming around the streets of Paris taking photographs of children outside playing, as their parents watch nearby. They know exactly what he is doing, but they leave him unbothered because he is always tasteful about his work.

Perhaps his most well-known work though would be the Le baiser de l’hotel de ville. This was a photograph of a couple kissing outside of the famous hotel, Hotel de Ville. Originally, it was thought to be a photograph that was taken randomly on the streets. However, after Robert Doisneau was taken to court over a couple who thought they were the ones pictured, it was released that Robert Doisneau used two actors to capture the picture. The actress in the picture, Fancoise Bornet was given one of the original copies as a form of payment. In April 2005 the photograph was sold and it brought nearly $220,000.

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