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Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

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  • Post Processing

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      10 Best Photography Apps for iPhone

      How many times have you used your iPhone to take a quick snapshot when your camera wasn’t available or when you were in a hurry? There are multiple apps that can help you turn these casual shots into images worthy of saving and framing by applying different filters
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      Portrait PR… Post Processing for the Portrait Photographer

      With the days of labs, darkrooms, and chemicals long gone, the realm of digital editing using software has taken over the role of chemist and lab technician. These days, there seems to be no lack of various software pieces upon which the tech and gadget freaks (a.k.a. photographers)
  • Famous Photographers

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      Robert Capa – Famous Photojournalist

      The wartime photojournalist, Robert Capa, is famed for his black and white images of war. One of his most famous images was the Falling Soldier, taken as a man fell in death after being shot in Spain in 1936. The image’s proper and full name is, “Loyalist Militiaman
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      Nick Ut – Famous Pulitzer Prize Winner Photographer

      Nick Ut has had a long and incredible career in photography. He has won a Pulitzer Prize for his work as well as being credited with helping to end America’s police action in Vietnam. If anyone has ever had any doubts about the power of an image, that